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From erlend olsen <>
Subject Update deleted local changes after rollback
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 12:53:06 GMT

Hi all, me and my colleague have lost big changes in our code...
here's a quick summary:

repository has these files:
A: commits changes to all the files and adds 2 new files 
repository now has these files:
B: Sees that these changes f**ks up the whole program and he rollbacks to only x,y,z
A: keeps his changes locally and keeps changing them until they work...
B: commits new code.
A: is happy because now everything works on his local copy. Then he pushes 'update' in netbeans
before he commits.....
SVN: now deletes all of A's  changes and new files.. 
A: screams in terror and tries to get back his files... but not a chance... He can get the
changes he committed before the rollback, but the real big changes are now deleted....

Is there a way to undo this update? Or to save us the next time, is there a way to take a
local backup before updating???Please help we're desperate here... Its about 1 week of programming
down the toilet...

Erlend Olsen

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