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From Bob Archer <>
Subject RE: another mergeinfo question
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 14:38:54 GMT
> I have two instances of mergeinfos in the root of my tree showing a
> wider range of changes merged in than a merge info in a
> subdirectory.
> Does svn merge these merge infos together?
> Example
> Mergeinfo in /zcode/trunk       shows that
> /zcode/branches/rel_2:1124-1406       was merged
> Mergeinfo in /zcode/trunk/lcast shows that
> /zcode/branches/rel_2/lcast:1124-1388 was merged
> So was 1389-1406 merged in the lcast directory or not?

Well, from my amateur understanding if the merge into /zcode/trunk/lcast was done before the
merge into /zcode/trunk/lcast when the top level merge was done the mergeinfo on /zcode/trunk/lcast
should have been elided. My only guess is that the person that did the top level merge reverted
the property change to the /zcode/trunk/lcast folder since they figured there was no change
in that folder. 

Once again, from my understanding you can remove that merge info from /zcode/trunk/lcast because
it is included in the /zcode/trunk folder. 

YMMV... check your logs and I expect you will see that the merge for 1124-1406 into /trunk
did not include a change to /trunk/lcast to elide the property... which it should of. Also,
you might want to setup a test scenerio of this by dumping your repo or just create a similar
situation in a test repo.

Also, you might want to train your people to not merge from project sub-folders to prevent
child-node/file mergeinfo.


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