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From "Richard Biffl" <>
Subject Re: Cannot delete directory after deleting included file
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2010 06:31:59 GMT
"Johan Corveleyn" <> wrote in message
> This looks similar to issue 3526:
> - Commit of
> newly added file followed by move (or delete) of parent dir causes
> tree conflict
> A couple of relevant discussions which may provide some additional 
> insight:
> - 
> -
> -
> I'm not sure what the current plan is for that issue. As far as I
> understand, the out-of-dateness can not be avoided. It is a
> consequence of the "mixed-revision working copy" system that SVN uses.
> I think it would already help a lot of there would be no tree conflict
> when updating (which is what issue 3526 is actually about). But I'm
> not sure if someone is actively working on this.
> From one of the mail threads above, a good workaround to avoid this
> issue is to always update a directory before you move or delete it
> (you don't have to update the entire working copy, just the part you
> are about to move/delete).

Thank you for making that connection, Johan. I agree, that issue does look 
related to mine. I wish I knew enough about the internals of subversion to 
suggest or contribute a fix.


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