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From hsantos <>
Subject Windows Authentication and/or suggestion
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2011 10:12:55 GMT

To prepare the migration process from our long time usage of CVS based
projects to SVN, I successfully installed and got the current versions
of SUBVERSION, Apache APR web server running.   Instructions were
overall pretty good for the basic/quick installation and testing.

But I don't get how to setup for Windows authentication.  I have been
exploring SVN usage, the SVN repository framework, creating of
repositories and import process, but I had to set anonymous write
permission and/or use the passwd file to be able to import.

I have two somewhat related questions:

1) I prefer to use windows authentication,  what are the basic steps
here in preparing both SVNSERVE (and Apache APR?

2) I did not see a way or set/edit default files, if any, used for the
new repository conf folder files?

I was looking at #2 when I figured if I can do #1 I can avoid #2.

Thanks for any help here.

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