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From Bastien Semene <>
Subject commit not validated
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2011 16:28:13 GMT
Hi list,

I'd like to know if it is possible to commit code not updatable (not 
validated) until a flag is set/unset ?

Here is our problem :
We have projects with source code and datas, and a buildmachine build 
the executable(s).

At time 0 the code is commited, the buildmachine starts building.
At time + X (X >= 0) new data model is commited.
At time + Y (Y > X) compilation is successfull and the new data can be 
read/write by the executable.

During time Y-X, the project is broken as the old executable can't read 
new datas.
I wish to let people - data or source code providers - commit while they 
cannot automatically update these revisions (they can force it, the 
buildmachine for example needs new source code if something fails during 
the previous build).

Something like "not validated" commits can be an answser, but I didn't 
see anything allowing this on SVN.
I've thought to some other durty solutions, but I'd like to be sure 
there's no clean way before starting anything.

Bastien Semene
Administrateur Réseau&  Système

Cyanide Studio - FRANCE

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