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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Understanding merging
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2011 18:30:46 GMT
I work with a very senior colleague who has never always resisted 
version control and would much rather do without it, but he is forced to 
go along and I am the whipping boy whenever something goes wrong.

He poses a general but simple question that I find myself unable to give 
a simple answer to.  I am rephrasing it slightly but it bothers me that 
I don't know the simple answer.  If I found myself in this situation I 
would tweak until it was as desired, but my persnickety colleague is not 
satisfied with such answers and for once, I don't blame him.

Given two branches off a trunk that were taken at different times, if 
the first is merged back to the trunk and then the second, how may the 
second be merged back into the trunk so as not to override changes from 
the first merge, assuming that both change sets are desired to be in the 
trunk at the end?

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