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From Bastien Semene <>
Subject Re: commit not validated
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2011 14:53:12 GMT
Hi list,

Should I understand that there's no "standard" solution to this problem, 
or nobody can answer this issue ?
Or did I do something wrong in the previous mail ?

I think this can't be resolved with obvious basic configuration.

Thanks in advance,

Le 07/03/2011 17:28, Bastien Semene a écrit :
> Hi list,
> I'd like to know if it is possible to commit code not updatable (not 
> validated) until a flag is set/unset ?
> Here is our problem :
> We have projects with source code and datas, and a buildmachine build 
> the executable(s).
> At time 0 the code is commited, the buildmachine starts building.
> At time + X (X >= 0) new data model is commited.
> At time + Y (Y > X) compilation is successfull and the new data can be 
> read/write by the executable.
> During time Y-X, the project is broken as the old executable can't 
> read new datas.
> I wish to let people - data or source code providers - commit while 
> they cannot automatically update these revisions (they can force it, 
> the buildmachine for example needs new source code if something fails 
> during the previous build).
> Something like "not validated" commits can be an answser, but I didn't 
> see anything allowing this on SVN.
> I've thought to some other durty solutions, but I'd like to be sure 
> there's no clean way before starting anything.

Bastien Semene
Administrateur Réseau&  Système

Cyanide Studio - FRANCE

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