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From Ben Fitzpatrick <>
Subject Extra behaviour in a 1.4 to 1.6 2 url merge
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2011 23:25:10 GMT


I'm getting some weird extra behaviour during a 1.4 server, 1.4 repository and 1.6 client
merge of a branch back to the trunk of my project - as in the thread - where a simple 2 URL merge produces
extra output that doesn't appear in the same merge for 1.4/1.4/1.4 server/repos/client or
1.6/1.6/1.6. This happens following a merge of trunk changes to the branch. 

It produces the extra information (for example):

Merging r5 through r52 svn://my_repos/project_name_svn/trunk
(some file information)
Reverse-merging 50 through 5
(some extra operations on files)

where the extra operations undo the trunk operations since that point. 

The upshot is that all the modifications in the trunk since the branch was created are undone
in the working copy following the merge back from the branch, which is a nasty side effect.
This doesn't happen in the pure 1.4 or pure 1.6 cases, and doesn't occur when you use the
--ignore-ancestry option, which isn't really a reliable solution. I'm using the 1.6.16 release.

Other than upgrading the server/repository, which will take some time (I don't control it),
I'd be grateful if anyone had a solution or explanation.


Ben Fitzpatrick
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