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From "David Hopkins" <>
Subject RE: How to fix corrupt revision in repo?
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2011 00:32:33 GMT
> Daniel Shahaf wrote on Monday, 19 September 2011 9:27 PM:
> You ought to be able to keep the rest of the history even without
> the brokenness in r192.  (as the file is deleted in HEAD, a checkout
> should work; and you also have the option of dumping the history while
> excluding the problematic file from it (via authz+svnsync/svnrdump or
> svndumpfilter).)

I'll look into the authz+svnsync/svnrdump option. Svndumpfilter doesn't
work for me because the 'svnadmin dump' operation fails when it tries to
process 192 (before I get a chance to use svndumpfilter to eliminate the
bogus file). As far as I can tell svndumpfilter operates on dumpfiles
that already exist, and can't actually stop svnadmin from trying to
resolve the bogus node-rev header during the dump process. The
authz+svnsync solution will hopefully allow me to effectively do that
filtering at an earlier stage in the pipeline. 

Thank you very much for all your help,

David Hopkins
Serck Controls

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