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From Gustavo Chaves <>
Subject Re: "400 Bad Request" on commit with 1.7 client to 1.7 server
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2011 16:17:10 GMT
On 1 dez, 22:29, Mark Phippard <> wrote:
> Subversion Edge does not have the location block for SVN in the
> httpd.conf file.  Have you customized the configuration files beyond
> this?  There is no reason you should have to add that directive
> anyway.
> Assuming you are using the default configuration that SVN Edge writes,
> which I know works properly, have you defined any authz rules in the
> "Access Rules" section of the Repositories tab?  If so, maybe
> temporarily replace the rules with:
> [/]
> * = rw
> And see if that solves anything.

I'm having the same problem but I'm not using Subversion Edge. I'm
using the CollabNetSubversion-server-1.7.0-2 RPM package. The problem
occurs trying to commit either via https or http. Setting "LogLevel
debug" doesn't show anything usefull in the log file.

My connection is direct, with no proxy in between client and server.

My Location directive is this:

  <Location /admin>
    DAV svn
    SVNPath /l/home1/svn/admin/admin
    Require user gustavo

The authentication is configured in a <Directory /> directive using
LDAP. The authentication works because I can checkout, ls, and update
the repository. It seems that it's just the commit that is causing

I've tried to use a AuthzSVNAccessFile directive in the location and
set the authz file so that my user (gustavo) have full rights, but it
didn't solve the problem.

I don't have any other idea...


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