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From "Roman Kellner" <>
Subject svn_client_revert2 skips files for no obvious reasons
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2011 08:59:44 GMT

We are implementing a wrapper around a SCC-SVN client in order to over come 
some flaws between the IDE and the SCC-SVN client.

Now we need to use the svn_client_revert2 function in order to revert 
scheduled actions (add, delete) when the commit fails due to the commit 

-> rtn = SccSvnClientSccRename() 
--> rtn != OK : svn_client_revert2() with the same files passed to 
return from WrapperSccRename() 
When using the 

* svn_client_revert2                      (            const 
apr_array_header_t *             paths,                                    
                svn_depth_t             depth,                             
                       const apr_array_header_t *             changelists, 
                                                   svn_client_ctx_t *      
       ctx,                                                    apr_pool_t 
*             pool

function it skips the files given in paths. The function thinks the files 
are not under version control (notify says -> skip file).

The filenames from the IDE are somewhat unusual/weird: e.g. 
  On the command line we had to add the extra @ to prevent half of the 
filename be eaten as PEG revision. But with the extra @ reverting from the 
command line or with TortoiseSVN works well.
Also if instead of the files in paths the directory where the files are 
located is passed, then svn_client_revert2() does the job.
But reverting the whole directory is not what we need and want.

What can be the cause?
How comes the directory works with svn_client_revert2() and svn revert and 
TortoiseSVN too but not the files?

The behaviour hints to the filenames, which are odd but did not cause a 
problem so far. Or do we have to somehow refresh/reload the wc_admin area 
to recognize the changes done by the SCC-SVN client, since both run in the 
same program/thread?

Did anyone have the same or a similar issue and knows how to solve it?


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