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From <>
Subject Hypervisor Support - Virtual Guest Image Versioning
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2011 00:50:23 GMT
I am specifically looking at the Xen hypervisor but it may have broader

I am in a personal workstation environment using Xen as a hypervisor
managing a half dozen guest operating systems.  I am planning on one of
those to be an Apache/SVN server.  There will be a variety of
repositories.  I am considering how I may implement a repository to
track the versioning of guest images.  I would like to keep version
histories of the different guests; experimental perturbations, upgrades,
etc.  I like the SVN version graph and I am wondering about how much I
can add notes to clarify the differences.  Additionally, update the
notes when in retrospect, more information is needed for historical

Since the binaries are large, I will probably need to extend the storage
to a slower, cheaper media for the older versions.  I want to keep fast
response for new entries.  I am wondering how I might have the best of
both worlds and still be able to pull up a full historical graph.

I plan to use SVN both locally and over the Internet for personal use
only; I am looking for comments/cogestions on setting up for this

I would really like to hear comments and suggestions on implementing
Apache/SVN on such a hosted service and any about overall system


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