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From Gustavo Chaves <>
Subject Re: "400 Bad Request" on commit with 1.7 client to 1.7 server
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2011 10:58:52 GMT
On 5 dez, 05:59, Konstantin Kolinko <> wrote:
> 2011/12/4 Gustavo Chaves <>:
> There are known problems with handling of POST requests in 1.7.0 an 1.7.1.
> In 1.7.2 changes list that is mentioned as
> * make mod_dav_svn ignore non-Subversion POST requests (r1187695)
> The POST request are from the new version of SVN HTTP protocol (aka
> "version 2") added in 1.7.  It can be turned off in configuration,
> SVNAdvertiseV2Protocol Off

That solved the problem. Thank you!

However, I understand that by turning that option Off I'm telling
apache to use the old HTTP protocol, giving up on the new one that is
much more performant, right? Without the new protocol I'll not be able
to move everyone from svnserve to HTTP as I'd like to do.

Regarding the 1.7.2 release, I understand that it should appear
shortly. However, what I get from the changelog working (make
mod_dav_svn ignore non-Subversion POST requests) is that the server
would ignore POST requests from non-Subversion clients. But I'm doing
commits with the CollabNet's svn command version 1.7.1, not from any
browser or other client. Shouldn't those POSTS be regarded as
Subversion ones and not be ignored?

Thanks again.


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