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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: Attmpting to Update Working Directory for a Project from V1.6.17 to V1.7.1 using SVN Upgrade working copy
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2011 16:25:26 GMT
Keith Williams <> writes:

> In examining the Working Copy more closely, the Folder Structure is
> partially in 1.6 format and partially is 1.7 format. I am making this
> assumption by the presence of the .svn folder in some top level
> folders but not in others. A couple of files were deleted at the
> repository level prior to the attempt to convert the Working Copy to
> the 1.7 format. Since the Working Copy is on a network drive someone
> probably updated a subfolder to 1.7 before the full working folder was
> attempted to be converted which was when the failure and report below
> occurred.

A 1.7 working copy will have a .svn/wc.db file in the root of the
working copy.  A 1.6 working copy will have a .svn/entries file in every
versioned folder.

It's not possible to upgrade a subfolder, only an entire working copy
can be upgraded.  The upgrade process writes all the 1.7 .svn data, for
all subfolders, into a temporary location before deleting any of the 1.6
data.  The final step of the upgrade is to move the new 1.7 .svn data
into place and to remove the old 1.6 .svn data.

The error message you showed happens while writing the 1.7 .svn data, so
it happens before any of the 1.6 .svn data has been deleted from the
subfolders.  If you have versioned subfolders that are missing .svn
folders it is likely that something other than the upgrade was

> There are no externals associated with this Project
> Repository. I am not aware of any changes to nodes. We do make commits
> from this working copy but would not be able to do so following the
> upgrade of the SVN Server to 1.7 until after the upgrade of the
> working copy to the 1.7 Format.

A 1.7 server supports earlier clients and doesn't care about the working
copy format.  If you are unable to use the working copy it's because you
upgraded the client, not the server.


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