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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: "400 Bad Request" on commit with 1.7 client to 1.7 server
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2011 11:13:58 GMT
Gustavo Chaves <> writes:

> However, I understand that by turning that option Off I'm telling
> apache to use the old HTTP protocol, giving up on the new one that is
> much more performant, right?


> Regarding the 1.7.2 release, I understand that it should appear
> shortly. However, what I get from the changelog working (make
> mod_dav_svn ignore non-Subversion POST requests) is that the server
> would ignore POST requests from non-Subversion clients. But I'm doing
> commits with the CollabNet's svn command version 1.7.1, not from any
> browser or other client. Shouldn't those POSTS be regarded as
> Subversion ones and not be ignored?

Yes.  The strace you posted showed the POST reaching the mod_dav_svn
Apache module.

1.7.1 has a bug that Subversion attempts to handle *all* POST requests,
including those not targeted at Subversion repositories, and when it
receives a non-Subversion POST request it returns an error that prevents
non-Subversion processing.  This bug is fixed in 1.7.2.

Your problem with POST requests is not yet understood.  It's might be
some overlap between Subversion directives in your apache config, or
between Subversion directives and non-Subversion directives.   Only you
can really identify the problem at present, unless you post enough
information for somebody else to reproduce the problem.

One way to track down the problem is start with a small Apache config
file that works and gradually expand it until it stops working.  Or to
gradually strip down the non-working file until it works.


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