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From Johan Kruger <>
Subject Re: Subversion update error
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 12:03:51 GMT
I was just doing a normal update on a working copy using TortoiseSVN. 
The WC contains several folders and some of them have subfolders that are 
svn:externals. Everything (including the externals) are located in the 
same repository. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce the error. After closing the 
error dialog I tried updating again and this time it worked. 

Now I see that a couple of the externals are using an absolute local path 
and they are pointing to a location that doesn't exist on my computer. 
Also, the externals property was not set on the parent folder where the 
external folder were to be checked out, but on the "grand parent" folder.
Obviously this is not correct, I will change it to use a relative local 
path (i.e. only a folder name) and set the external property on the parent 
folder instead.

Example of the problem. The following WC structure exists:

In this example the svn:externals property would be set on the 'C:\wc' 
folder and the property would be set to checkout head revision from URL 
'svn://server/repoName' to 

I hope you understand my example. 


From:   Philip Martin <>
To:     Johan Kruger/SEASY/ABB@ABB
Date:   2011-12-06 11:21
Subject:        Re: Subversion update error

Johan Kruger <> writes:

> I'm sorry. Which users list do you mean?

Your reply to me didn't include


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