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From Trent Fisher <>
Subject svnadmin dump revprop caching error...
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2014 21:51:01 GMT
I just got an error from "svnadmin dump" which I have never seen before, 
and it seems to be new in 1.8:

    svnadmin: E160052: Revprop caching for '/scm/svn/repos/DEV-copy/db' 
disabled because SHM infrastructure for revprop caching failed to 
    svnadmin: E000013: Can't open file 
'/scm/svn/repos/DEV-copy/db/rev-prop-atomics.mutex': Permission denied
    svnadmin: E200015: Caught signal

It looks like the dump process is trying to write a file in the 
repository.  In this case, the repository is owned by a different user 
and I cannot write into it.  I often do test migrations as myself not as 
the owner of the repository because I want to ensure that mistakes 
cannot end up destroying anything important.

It appears that this is only a warning as the dump proceeds and the 
output looks correct.  Though the error message implies it is a fatal 
error (especially the "caught signal").   Can I safely ignore this 
error?  Could it be changed to be a bit less menacing?


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