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From Number Cruncher <>
Subject Unable to save client certificate password in any password store
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2014 12:34:04 GMT
I'm running a Subversion 1.8.9 build for Fedora 20 and have been 
struggling for a day to get Subversion to save my PKCS12 certificate 
file password in any store. I've not had any problems with earlier 
Subversion (e.g. running 1.6.18 on F16 with kwallet).

I've tried the following:
* Install subversion-kde and subversion-gnome RPMs to make the correct 
.so available
* Tried any number of "password-stores = kwallet" options under [auth] 
in ~/.subversion/config

My .subversion/servers currently has:
ssl-client-cert-file = /home/nc/number.cruncher.p12
ssl-authority-files = /home/nc/ca.crt
store-auth-creds = yes
store-passwords = yes
store-plaintext-passwords = yes
store-ssl-client-cert-pp = yes
store-ssl-client-cert-pp-plaintext = yes

I've run gdb on the svn client and can confirm that these options are 
correctly picked up and that a tables of "providers" is correctly 
populated with e.g. gnome-keyring or kwallet. It is correctly examining 
the .subversion/auth/svn.ssl.client-passphrase subdirectory which is 
currently empty (no hash present).

I've tried setting breakpoints on svn_auth_save_credentials but it never 
seems to be called.

The connection to the https server works fine; my client and server 
certificates work flawlessly and I can reach the repo, but every time I 
get prompted for the P12 cert password.

I'd be grateful for any help,

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