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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: Unable to save client certificate password in any password store
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2014 11:05:49 GMT
Number Cruncher <> writes:

> I'm running a Subversion 1.8.9 build for Fedora 20 and have been
> struggling for a day to get Subversion to save my PKCS12 certificate
> file password in any store. I've not had any problems with earlier
> Subversion (e.g. running 1.6.18 on F16 with kwallet).

> I've tried setting breakpoints on svn_auth_save_credentials but it
> never seems to be called.

This is a regression introduced in 1.8.  In 1.7 libsvn_ra_neon handled
the certificate decryption and would save a working passphrase.  In 1.8
libsvn_ra_serf no longer handles the certificate decryption directly, it
now happens in serf, and there is no code for Subversion to save the

I've raised

Philip Martin | Subversion Committer
WANdisco // *Non-Stop Data*

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