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From Mark Phippard <>
Subject Re: Subversion Issue
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2014 14:23:50 GMT
On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 10:15 AM, <> wrote:

> Subversion Exception!
> ---------------------------
> Subversion encountered a serious problem.
> Please take the time to report this on the Subversion mailing list
> (

I see you read this part.

> with as much information as possible about what
> you were trying to do.

But, oops, you missed this part.

> But please first search the mailing list archives for the error message
> to avoid reporting the same problem repeatedly.
> You can find the mailing list archives at

And you probably skipped over this part.

> Subversion reported the following
> (you can copy the content of this dialog
> to the clipboard using Ctrl-C):
> In file
>  'D:\Development\SVN\Releases\TortoiseSVN-1.7.0\ext\subversion\subversion
> \libsvn_wc\wc_db.c'
>  line 5799: assertion failed (svn_dirent_is_absolute(local_abspath))

So what version of TortoiseSVN are you using?  Did you try updating to
latest version before reporting the problem?  To fix a problem, you'll need
to install a new version so how about getting on the latest version to see
if the problem has already been fixed before reporting it?


Mark Phippard

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