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From Peter LitsegÄrd <>
Subject How to implement "selective checkout, merge and build use case"
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2015 06:47:55 GMT

We have a rather complex application with a large number of sourcefiles organized in folders
where one folder-tree corresponds to one module. We're currently using SVN in order to version
control and are looking at ways to use SVN for "selective checkout, merge and build" of selected
modules. Each module has a specific setup of config-, documentation- and make-files making
them "semi autonomous". When I say "semi autonomous" I refer to the fact that every module
relies on one *core module* which provides the base functionality (foundation) needed by all
the other modules.

The reason why we would like to be able to perform "selective checkout, merge and build" is
that we need to be able to deliver a specific set-up of modules at a given time. That checkout
would result in a checkout of the "core" module together with the other selected modules.
After the checkout has been performed we'd like to be able to perform the following "post
checkout" operations:

1. merge the modules config-fragments into a single config-file

2. merge the modules doc-fragments (in Latex) into a single doc-file

3. execute the modules make-files in order to build them

Is there a recommended best practice to accomplish this using SVN or are there any complementing
tools which could help us out here?

Many thanks in advance.

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