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From Peter Fodrek <>
Subject Creating working copy without checkouting- to use svn add and svn ci form cron for /home
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2015 15:35:09 GMT
Dear Subversion experts,

I would like to monitor /home directory for X-host that is used by  
20 X-terminals for eductional classroom.
I want to monitor students work flor evalution a to find out who is cheating 
by copying others programs.

I was done svn import for /home succesfully. 
I do not want to checkout repository to the  /home as it is risky 

svn commit does not work as /home is not working copy o the repository
svn import does not work as well becuase of duplicity

Is there any way to setup /home as working copy without checkout,please?

I was mentioned  that I do chcekout in another directory and simply copy .svn 
directory into /home as a workarround. Does anybody know if it will 
work,please ? Is it correct or it is solution with as less as possible 
incorrectness, please?

I look forward hearing from you

Yours faithfully

Peter Fodrek

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