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From "Andreas Stieger" <>
Subject Re: undo svnadmin pack
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2015 09:53:02 GMT
Eric Johnson wrote:
> Ignacio González (Eliop) wrote:
>> Is there a simple way to undo the effects of an "svnadmin pack" command?
>> If not, is there a complex way?
>> If needed, I can retrieve the individual files that compose the packed
>> file (there is only one), but I don't know what other files I would have
>> to modify (assuming they could be edited somehow) 
> Best I can think of is to dump the repo, create a new one to load it into, 
> turn off packing on the target repo, and then do the load.

I can only speculate about what issue might require undoing svnadmin pack, but I feel prompted
to note the following: Be careful here. Alone due to the effects of representation sharing,
and certainly others, there is no guarantee that single revision files are portable between
different incarnations of the same revision history. The only portable format/protocols are
the dump serialization and the client protocol.


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