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From Michael Osipov <>
Subject Re: Subversion crashes on list with an empty format 3 repo
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:20:22 GMT
Am 2016-02-09 um 21:12 schrieb Branko ─îibej:
> On 09.02.2016 17:42, Michael Osipov wrote:
>> Isn't it worth to file any issue which makes Subversion to able to
>> read repos in either file encoding but write only Unix style?
> We should read files that we expect the user to edit -- e.g., fsfs.conf
> -- in text mode. Revision files, however, are not text, and there's no
> reason to add complexity to FSFS to "solve" cases where some tool
> decides to mangle things that look like line endings in those files.

Agreed. Maybe 'svnadmin verify' could handle such issues and print an 
approriate warning.

> In this specific case, if you have a Subversion repository inside a Git
> repo, well, just make sure your Git options don't mangle the repository
> contents.

This is what I was about to do. I need to file an issue with Maven Wagon 


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