Are you sure the directory you tried to upgrade is a ‘working copy’? The way you describe it, it looks like it is a repository.


Subversion 1.9 and 1.8 can just use 1.6 repositories without upgrade… or you can run ‘svnadmin upgrade’ on them to enable new features.




From: Hom, Margaret []
Sent: zaterdag 20 februari 2016 02:30
Cc: Hom, Margaret <>
Subject: upgrade Subversion from version 1.6 to svn, version 1.8.15 (r1718365)



I installed version 1.8.15, copied the working directory from an existing 1.6 version server to this new server.   I su logged in as subvadm, cd to working directory, cd to one of the working directory ais_repos.   I issued the command ‘svn upgrade’, but   I got the error not a working copy root, file not found error. (please see the following copy and paste).

I am new to the Subversion.  Please advise.


Margaret Hom






[sfaismh@vx63 ~]$ su - subvadm


[subvadm@vx63 ~]$ cd /subv_repos

[subvadm@vx63 subv_repos]$ cd ais_repos

[subvadm@vx63 ais_repos]$ svn upgrade

svn: E155019: Can't upgrade '/subv_repos/ais_repos' as it is not a working copy root

svn: E000002: Working copy database '/subv_repos/ais_repos/.svn/wc.db' not found

svn: E000002: Additional errors:

svn: E000002: Can't open file '/subv_repos/ais_repos/.svn/entries': No such file or directory