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From lejeczek <>
Subject repositories structure from user/access control viewpoint - how?
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2016 11:05:18 GMT
hi everybody,

I realize this certainly is somewhere in books but I'm 
hoping few experts would not mind sharing their 
thoughts/recommendations on how to...

set up svn structure where interface to it is only http and 
flexibility + ability to finely grain user access is the key 
objective - thus pretty much ubiquity I guess.

What boggles me is - should there be one http service for 
each project? or it does not matter and one http service 
serves all this:
still assures finely grained access to each project?
And also performance, is there a best practice to assure 
I should mention, in case it matters, that I user PAM backed 
to Apaches as auth service.

many thanks

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