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From Johan Corveleyn <>
Subject Re: Weird Behaviour: Files reverted that didn't show up in a status --no-ignore
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2016 00:10:12 GMT
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On Wed, Mar 9, 2016 at 3:08 PM,  <> wrote:
> These files were never changed in the first place, that's the weird part.
> We aren't using any local locks in the repo.

Okay, so definitely a "non-content-changing" revert then. So we're
talking about needless notifications by revert, possibly scaring

I've quickly tried to reproduce it, based on Bert's explanation of
read-onlyness changes. No need for locks or the svn:needs-lock
property. Just make a file read-only, and run a recursive revert. The
file is made writable again, and revert notifies:

C:\Temp\svntest>svn --version -q

C:\Temp\svntest>svnadmin create repos

C:\Temp\svntest>svn co file:///c:/Temp/svntest/repos wc
Checked out revision 0.

C:\Temp\svntest>cd wc

C:\Temp\svntest\wc>echo This is file 1 > file1.txt

C:\Temp\svntest\wc>svn add *.txt
A         file1.txt

C:\Temp\svntest\wc>svn ci -mm
Adding         file1.txt
Transmitting file data ..done
Committing transaction...
Committed revision 1.

C:\Temp\svntest\wc>attrib +R file1.txt  ### (making read-only)

C:\Temp\svntest\wc>svn st

C:\Temp\svntest\wc>svn revert -R .
Reverted 'file1.txt'

Is this similar to what could have happened, Brent? I'm assuming it's
not Windows-specific, because you reported the problem for a 1.8.14
svn client on Centos6.5 Linux. Maybe other variants of changes in
permissions, executability or file ownership also give the same

I agree this is an issue, but I'm not sure if there is only one issue
or two :-).

1) Is it OK for revert to change file metadata? Is that intended
behaviour? Maybe it's OK for revert to change file metadata if the
file also has content-changes that need to be reverted, but not if the
file only has metadata-changes?

2) If we revert metadata-only-changed files, should revert notify
about this? If it notifies for a metadata-only change, maybe the
notification should indicate this?



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