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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject Re: Blank lines
Date Wed, 04 May 2016 16:42:53 GMT
Hi Darek,

On 5/4/16 4:43 AM, Dariusz Staniak wrote:
> How can I force
> svn status
> not to indicate files with added/removed blank lines as modified?
You can't. Subversion has to treat all changes to files as relevant. 
Consider something like Markdown - an extra blank line means a paragraph 
break. In code, where inserting a blank line might help readability.
> I'm fighting with this all day today and I cannot find any help.

If this is due to co-workers who fight over tabs-vs-spaces, and making 
sure that blank lines are also empty, for that, your team should agree 
on a convention, and use a tool to enforce it consistently. Recent IDEs 
typically have this ability built in, so it is a mere matter of clicking 
a button to get code to conform to white space rules. Or you can use a 
stand-alone tool that runs from the command line.

You could also have Subversion enforce pre-commit rules that enforce 
conformance to use of particular white space rules. This will prevent 
people from making changes, but perhaps also make them very unhappy. So 
tread carefully.
> I've already changed diff-cmd and diff3-cmd to ignore blank lines, but
> I still see these files as modified which gives me a jungle of changes
> that I don't want to see.
Sounds like you like the command line. If you also use IDEs, I've found 
the "Compare" capabilities in Eclipse pretty fantastic for white space 
problems, because you can toggle between ignoring and respecting white 
space changes.


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