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From Blaxton <>
Subject Re: Extra /bin/ directory is added to library path when running make command
Date Sun, 08 May 2016 13:09:55 GMT
This is the output:
/usr/local/apr/bin/apr-1-config --link-ld --libs -L/usr/local/apr//lib -lapr-1 -lpthread
/usr/local/aprutil/bin/apu-1-config --link-ld --libs -L/usr/local/aprutil/lib -laprutil-1
    -lexpat -liconv
I am trying to build svn on AIX.

      From: Branko Čibej <>
 To: "" <> 
Cc: Blaxton <>
 Sent: Sunday, May 8, 2016 8:01 AM
 Subject: Re: Extra /bin/ directory is added to library path when running make command
 On 08.05.2016 14:46, Blaxton wrote:
  Running: ./configure --with-apr=/usr/local/apr/bin/apr-1-config --with-apr-util=/usr/local/aprutil/bin/apu-1-config
  ./configure completes with no problem, but the same happens after running make command:

  cd subversion/libsvn_subr && /bin/sh "/subversion-1.9.4/libtool" --tag=CC --silent
--mode=link gcc -static  -g -O2  -g -O2 -pthread    -rpath /usr/local/lib -version-info
0  -o  adler32.lo atomic.lo auth.lo base64.lo bit_array.lo cache-inprocess.lo
cache-membuffer.lo cache-memcache.lo cache.lo cache_config.lo checksum.lo cmdline.lo compat.lo
compress.lo config.lo config_auth.lo config_file.lo config_win.lo crypto.lo ctype.lo date.lo
debug.lo deprecated.lo dirent_uri.lo dso.lo eol.lo error.lo fnv1a.lo gpg_agent.lo hash.lo
io.lo iter.lo lock.lo log.lo macos_keychain.lo magic.lo md5.lo mergeinfo.lo mutex.lo nls.lo
object_pool.lo opt.lo packed_data.lo path.lo pool.lo prefix_string.lo prompt.lo properties.lo
quoprint.lo root_pools.lo simple_providers.lo skel.lo sorts.lo spillbuf.lo  sqlite.lo sqlite3wrapper.lo
ssl_client_cert_providers.lo ssl_client_cert_pw_providers.lo ssl_server_trust_providers.lo
stream.lo string.lo subst.lo sysinfo.lo target.lo temp_serializer.lo time.lo token.lo types.lo
user.lo username_providers.lo utf.lo utf8proc.lo utf_validate.lo utf_width.lo validate.lo
version.lo win32_crashrpt.lo win32_crypto.lo win32_xlate.lo x509info.lo x509parse.lo xml.lo
-L/usr/local/aprutil/lib -laprutil-1 -L/usr/local/apr//lib -lapr-1 -lexpat -lz  -lsqlite3
-lmagic -lintl -lintl  grep: can't open /usr/local/apr/bin/lib/ sed: Cannot find
or open file /usr/local/apr/bin/lib/ libtool: link: `/usr/local/apr/bin/lib/'
is not a valid libtool archive make: The error code from the last command is 1.  
 That's really strange. I don't see anything wrong with the command line above except maybe
the double slash in '-L/usr/local/apr//lib', but that shouldn't matter.
 What's the output of
     $ /usr/local/apr/bin/apr-1-config --link-ld --libs
  What I noticed, make command uses libtool provided by subversion and not libtool on system.
 That's the script generated by libtoolize during, iirc.
  I have compiled apr and aprutil, and placed them on different directory: apr in /usr/local/apr/ 
and aprutil in /usr/local/aprutil/ 
  Is this ok ?  
 Doesn't matter.
  I didn't get any error building apr and aprutil. Is there a way of checking apr and aprutil
to make sure they have compiled properly ?  
 You could try running APR tests, but this is a different issue.
 I'm beginning to wonder if something's wrong with your libtool. You haven't said which OS
you're building on and which version of libtool and autoconf your'e using.
 -- Brane

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