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From gyanendra ojha <>
Subject Re: Svn branching issue
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2016 07:51:55 GMT
Hello guys,

I have one more issue

I have noticed that when there is space in folder name in svn repository..i
face issues while adding any file or folder to the folder from my local
working copy saying that the path does not exist on svn

Looks like svn cant read space in naming

Please help i cant remove space and i want to continue with that

On 8 Nov 2016 19:01, "gyanendra ojha" <> wrote:

> ahh i saw that even after source branch gets deleted
> i am able to access the path in history of target branch
> thanks guys for your help :)
> On Tue, Nov 8, 2016 at 4:54 PM, Cooke, Mark <>
> wrote:
>> > -----Original Message-----
>> > From: gyanendra ojha []
>> > Sent: 08 November 2016 11:01
>> >
>> > Hi Cooke,
>> >
>> > i think this is a limitation in svn that should be fixed.
>> Sorry but I think most people here will disagree with that.
>> > without this in place, we would never be able to achieve moving
>> branches to
>> > different location as history will still point to old path that can't be
>> > accessed as it has been deleted
>> Why do you think it cannot be accessed, what have you tried?
>> You do not seem to understand what subversion is and how it works.  The
>> path can *never* be deleted and will *always* remain accessible at the old
>> path (if you format the URL with a revision).  Other people have suggested
>> you read up on "peg" and "operative" revisions and have tried to explain
>> that "delete" only removes the path from the "current" view.  That is why
>> the old paths show up in the history and why you can still see them.
>> The subversion book is online and comprehensive, I suggest you read
>> through some of that, including "Peg and Operative revisions":
>> > In my project , the folders and branches have been created in very
>> improper
>> > way and now there has been critical need to reorganise the messy branch
>> > structure in svn by moving and recreating proper streamlined branch
>> structure
>> If there is real mess you could consider "parking" the repository
>> (keeping it to access the history if required) and creating a new
>> repository with the required structure.  How does that sound?
>> > now, you are saying history will still point to old location, but now
>> that
>> > old location has been deleted as i had to cleanup old unwanted branches
>> and
>> > folders, i won't be able to access the path showing in svn log and
>> therefore
>> > those logs or history are not relevant for me
>> As above, you cannot stop access to those old paths, you just need to
>> know how to access them (using the revision syntax in the URL) or using
>> your GUI's log browser etc. (note that the core subversion project does not
>> include a GUI so it helps if you mention what GUI you are using and what
>> platform you are on).
>> > and my quest for reorganising svn branch structure in my project will be
>> > failed
>> No, you can always reorganise the structure (and still access all the
>> history).
>> > don't you guys think, it is a serious limitation which need to be
>> overcome ?
>> No, the limitation you see is not actually there.
>> I still do not understand if you have an actual problem with something
>> you have tried to do.  Hopefully this (and Stefan's post) will help you.
>> ~ mark c

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