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From "Andreas Stieger" <>
Subject Re: True repository backup
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2016 08:43:03 GMT
Александр Козлов wrote:
> The [subversion repository restore] problem is:
> - data is backed-up every night, it's ok, but
> - many (50) users do they commits couple of times every day, and
> - users' working copies are out of sync (they are later!) with server 
> after backup restoration.

Yes, but you knew that when you configured nightly backup.

> Of cause, every user can do a virgin repository checkout and then commit 
> his/her latest data. Many users have some local unversioned data inside 
> ours working copy directories, so they would also synchronize this data.

If you are talking about uncommitted data, that is not even a consideration for svn.
> Latest data and even file revisions are in clients svn databases. So, my 
> question: is there some "magic" instrument, that helps users or admins 
> to resynchronize working copies and commit latest data into the server?

Working copies are considered throw-away data. Subversion has no facilities to re-sync working
copies to a restored server repositories that may have some revisions removed, in the case
where a working copy has newer revisions locally. 

> The Red Book says that making backups every hour is a form of paranoia. 
> But after some moments every admin tends to be the real paranoic:)

That has nothing to do with paranoia, just cost vs. benefits. If nightly backups with archives
covers what you need at a price you want to spend for it, then do that. If you need running
back-ups and are willing to "pay" for it, implement it. Many people fail to protect their
invested effort properly testing the configuration in a real life drill, a.k.a. test restore.

> will try to use a repository mirror or some distributed version control. 
> But I would teach all users to use the new instruments.

I am not sure what you are saying here as these are different concepts.

svnsync mirrors can bridge the gap between interval, archived backups and the intra-day data,
but NEVER replace them. As part of a mixed strategy they absolutely make sense for your case.
They are not synchronous, neither are dvcs for that matter, and synchronicity is a different


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