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From William Muriithi <>
Subject Issue with mod_dav_svn while using KrbLocalUserMapping
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2017 00:02:39 GMT

I have an SVN server that I want to migrate from LDAP to Kerberos.
Below is the relevant version of the packages the system is using:


After making the necessary changes to work with kerberos, users were
able to authenticate well but I noticed the users ID now had kerberos
REALM.  So instead of william, the username changed to
william@ENG.EXAMPLE.COM.  This was a problem because users started
having locking issue, but also meant authorisation was broken.

To fix this, I added  "KrbLocalUserMapping On"  on apache
configuration.  However, some user started having problem
authenticating.I am certain the problem involve LocalUserMapping as I
had the same experience yesterday and the problem cleared after
commenting out.  I have been unable to find the root cause and had to
reverse the change.

Have anyone seem such a problem before?  Would be grateful for any pointer.


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