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From public1979 <>
Subject Re:Re: help of SVN
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2019 06:33:20 GMT
Thank you for responding.

I found the problem with your reminder.

When executed “svnsync sync ******”  ,I used password A for the mirror username. While
editing “***sourece repositorie/hooks/post-commit” I changed the password to B, both with
the file "passwd" at the mirror server. Then the mirror server can't synchronize with the
source server . Now I've changed both the passwords from B  back to A ,and the mirror can
synchronize with the source . 

Thanks again.

在 2019-01-12 01:53:18,"Eric Johnson" <> 写道:

On Fri, Jan 11, 2019 at 3:34 AM public1979 <> wrote:

I'm a new user of subversion.
My version is "svn, version 1.6.11 (r934486)",i have some questions about svnsync .
I made a svn mirror from server A to server B. it could work  first few days until an accidental
power failure. 
Now it can't work ,what can i do .

Sounds like your situation must be quite frustrating.

Please help me,

Several places to start.

Please note that you're using an old, unsupported version of Subversion. For the most useful
help, you'll need to upgrade to a supported version. There's lots of help online to assist
in that process, and people who have previously asked on this mailing list, so checking the
archives for this mailing list will help if you get stuck.

Also, the (brief) details make it sound like perhaps something went wrong with the machines
during the power failure. It is unclear what operating system you are using from your brief
description, but I'd start with running standard operating system diagnostics, to verify that
the hardware is not damaged, that the disk volumes have not been corrupted, and that the necessary
parts of the operating system are where they are supposed to be. And finally, perhaps the
Subversion repositories themselves were damaged / corrupted. Try "svnadmin verify" on your

And finally, to get the best help from this list, your questions will likely need to be more
specific / detailed. For example, when you say "now it can't work", what does that mean? What
error messages do you see? How do you know it doesn't work? What does work (can you perform
svnadmin commands, or svnlook commands, for example?), as that will help eliminate possible

Good luck!

Thank U.

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