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From bonsma <>
Subject Tree conflict when an update attempts to remove a directory with unversioned files
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2019 20:24:41 GMT
Hi all,

When we upgraded from Subversion 1.8.17 to Subversion 1.9.7 we
noticed a change in behaviour of svn update. This happens when the
update pulls in a change that deletes a directory while this directory
contains one or more unversioned files in your local working copy.

What used to happen with svn 1.8 was the following:
- The versioned files inside the removed directory are removed
- Any unversioned files remain present

What now happens with svn 1.9 is:
- A tree conflict is signalled with the following details:
   > local dir edit, incoming dir delete or move upon update

This subsequently requires action by the developer to resolve the
conflict before he can use the working copy again. Furthermore, when
resolved incorrectly, the deleted directory may (unintentially) be
added again.

In our archive we have the build generate files throughout the
working copy (obj folders, files generated from template, output
folders per sub-codebase, etc). We also regularly delete directories
as part of refactoring, so the tree conflicts occur quite frequently
and are considered an inconvenience by our developers.

So we would like to know, is the new behaviour intentional or is it
an accidental side-effect of another change? We did not see this
change documented in the release notes.

Kind regards,

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