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From "Bo Berglund" <>
Subject Svnsync with changed url and ssl certificate?
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2019 05:52:37 GMT
I have a svn 1.9.7 system to maintain.
The main server (on Windows Server 2016) is backed up using svnsync over the Internet to a
backup server set up on Ubuntu Server 18 LTS.
The backups are done using a batch file running once every night on the main server.
Each repository is synced using a command line in the batch file as in the following example:

SET SYNCCMD="C:\Program Files\VisualSVN Server\bin\svnsync.exe"
%SYNCCMD% synchronize https://mainserver/svn/cmp

(backupdomain and mainserver are placeholders for the real names)

Now I am planning to change the domain part of the URL of the backup server to
and also to change the SSL certificate on the server to a signed version (currently it is

My question is if the svnsync command will handle this without problems given that the source
and target svn servers are the same as before, only the domain name and SSL certificate have
Obviously I have to edit the sync batch file on the server and replace "home" with "svn",
but apart from that do I have to add/do something else? Does the SSL certificate change influence

Note that each repository on the live server was initialized for sync using this command:

svnsync initialize<reponame> https://mainserver/svn/<reponame>
--allow-non-empty --sync-username syncuser --sync-password [*****************]

This indicates that the sync is initialized in each repo using the URL of the target, so can
I just run this command again manually on all repos to change to the new URL?

I don't want to use trial and error on a production system, hence my question.

Best Regards, 

Bo Berglund 

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