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From Ryan Schmidt <>
Subject Building subversion runs svnversion, which fails
Date Sun, 17 Nov 2019 19:47:15 GMT
Hi, I noticed this bug in subversion on macOS. I reported it here:

But it's really an upstream issue so I would like to report it here as well.

The subversion build evidently runs the just-built svnversion at some point. This crashes,
because the libraries it's linked with haven't been installed yet, and I guess it's not setting
DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to the path where the built libraries are. I assume that the fix will be
setting that variable.

This does not cause the build of subversion to fail, but whatever it's running svnversion
for can't be getting the correct result. Whether that's important, I don't know.

The MacPorts maintainer of subversion suggested:

> That's almost certainly from the revision-install target in the top level makefile. If
it ran, it would populate ${prefix}/include/subversion-1/svn-revision.txt with "Unversioned
directory", since it crashes that file gets populated with "unknown". I don't think it actually

Nevertheless, fixing the build so that it does not run a program that crashes would be good.

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