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From LUGNIER, Cédric (CA-CIB) <>
Subject svn error E720145 with svn cleanup --remove-unversioned
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2019 10:24:58 GMT

We sometimes have the following error when we do use svn cleanup -remove-unversioned under
svn: E720145: Can't remove directory 'C:\dev\Jenkins\workspace\qlib_full \Sources\x12ComInterface\_compilation\vc17_Release':
The directory is not empty.

Before running the command line, we kill all the processes that has an handle on files in
our working copy except the cmd which is in the root folder and TSVNCache.
I had a look into your code to see if there could be something that could explain this error
This message is returned by svn_io_dir_remove_nonrecursive function.
For me the message is not accurate as svn_io_remove_dir2 replicates the 'rm -rf' command.
As the folder is not empty, it means that a file couldn't be removed. You don't return that
file name, neither the error code.

One of your comments:
  /* On Windows, a process may not release file locks before closing the
     handle, and in this case the outstanding locks are unlocked by the OS.
     However, this is not recommended, because the actual unlocking may be
     postponed depending on available system resources.  We explicitly unlock
     the file as a part of the pool cleanup handler. */

As you use locks to remove unversioned files and folders, could this be the reason why the
folder isn't empty when you try to remove the folder?


Cédric Lugnier

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