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From jimbobmcgee <>
Subject Windows 10 November 2019 security updates affecting file:// to Win2003 shares?
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2019 15:17:50 GMT
HI all;

Appreciating the woefully out-of-date/unsupported nature of my setup, I thought it might be
worth dropping a line to see if anyone else out there might be experiencing issues since this
month's Patch Tuesday release.

Prior to the November 2019 updates, our Windows 10 users were successfully using Subversion
and/or TortoiseSVN to commit to some old v1.6 repositories stored on a Windows Server 2003
R2 file share, using the file:// protocol.  After the November 2019 updates, they are now
all told that we "Can't write '/pathto/repo/db/txn-current' atomically: Permission denied"

No changes were made to the Windows Server (i.e. this isn't a case of the permissions being
changed on the server without our knowing).

Running a Procmon (SysInternals) trace during the commit process suggests that the updated
Win10 clients are getting a different behaviour when the txn-HEX file is renamed to txn-current.
 Procmon reports that a SetRenameInformationFile operation gets a 0xC00000D5 error, where
not-updated clients do not get an error.

I can't find much on the error code 0xC00000D5, except in a NTSTATUS values reference, where
it suggests that the source file might already have been renamed.

We've tried here with svn.exe builds (from and TortoiseSVN builds at both v1.11.1
and v1.13.0.  Commits to another Win2008R2 server are successful, as are commits from anyone
who hasn't installed the November 2019 updates.

Not expecting anything to be done to support such an old setup, of course -- we have now moved
all our repositories to another server -- but I thought I'd see if anyone else was experiencing
the same issue?  At least it might be searchable for future generations!


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