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From Daniel Shahaf <>
Subject Adding a shorthand URL syntax to cwd's URL (was: Re: Automatically supply the origin URL in svn merge)
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2020 23:16:58 GMT
Anton Shepelev wrote on Fri, 27 Mar 2020 01:39 +0300:
> Daniel Shahaf:
> > Yes, this feature won't happen unless someone invests time in
> > making it happen -- but let's not discourage people from
> > discussing feature ideas even if they may not personally have
> > time to implement them. Discussions are just as useful a
> > contribution as patches.  
> It is true that I was not prepared to implement this feature myself
> when I proposed it. Not having any knowledge of bash or Python, I
> would have to use SVN from C, which will take me considerable
> time. I am only learing SVN and giving my feedback about what I
> think are obvious inefficiencies of its user interface.

Your feedback is very welcome. :-)

> I had already written about an extension of the caret syntax
> to take the current working directory into account, so that, being
> in svn/trunk/project/xml/ , one does not have to type
>   svn cp ^/trunk/project/xml/1.xml ^/trunk/project/xml/2.xml
> but can simply say:
>   svn cp ~~/1.xml ~~/2.xml or
>   svn cp --remote 1.xml 2.xml
> or something else to the same effect, so as not to repeat the paths
> from the repository root.

I don't see where you wrote on this before, but in any case, this
sounds quite reasonable.  How about assigning it the syntax
«^./» (caret, dot, slash)?  That way we only have one "special" leading
character to worry about.

I expect this would be fairly easy to add, but haven't reviewed the code.

> I use SVN at work, so what I ask here is a personal and egoistical
> request to make my professional life better, but I hope that other
> users find the proposal convenient too. In return, I am contributing
> to other free and open-source projects, but not, currently, to SVN.

I do this too. :)



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