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From Anton Shepelev <>
Subject Re: Adding a shorthand URL syntax to cwd's URL (was: Re: Automatically supply the origin URL in svn merge)
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2020 23:40:15 GMT
Daniel Shahaf:

> > I had already written about an extension of the caret syntax
> > to take the current working directory into account, so that,
> > being in svn/trunk/project/xml/ , one does not have to type
> > 
> >   svn cp ^/trunk/project/xml/1.xml ^/trunk/project/xml/2.xml
> > 
> > but can simply say:
> > 
> >   svn cp ~~/1.xml ~~/2.xml or
> >   svn cp --remote 1.xml 2.xml
> > 
> > or something else to the same effect, so as not to repeat the
> > paths from the repository root.
> > 
> I don't see where you wrote on this before,

Not preserved in Gmane, but it does not matter.

> but in any case, this sounds quite reasonable.  How about
> assigning it the syntax «^./» (caret, dot, slash)?  That way we
> only have one "special" leading character to worry about.

That ^ character must be escaped in Windows, so I don't really like
it. My personal (and uneducated) preference of an inexperienced
user is to activate CWD URL mode in a cleaner way: either by an
option (quite possible, because SVN commands may share options), or
via a simpler and shorter syntax than (on Windows) ^^./ . I will,
however, be only happy if the caret version is implemented. It is,
after all, consistent with the current usage.

I think other users of SVN via commadline (instead of the various
GUI plugins) should give their opinions and help the maintaners
make the correct decision.

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