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From "Andreas Stieger" <>
Subject Re: SVNSYNC issue with user
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2020 11:45:05 GMT

> “svnsync init --allow-non-empty --username abcd file:///u03/svn/repos svn://”
> svnsync: E165001: Revprop change blocked by pre-revprop-change hook (exit code 1) with
> Changing revision properties is not permitted, the user used is klnm

When running the svnsync sync command from your cron, specify the destination repository username
using one of the following options:

  --username ARG           : specify a username ARG (deprecated;
                             see --source-username and --sync-username)
  --sync-username ARG      : connect to sync repository with username ARG

The credentials originally given to svnsync init are cached in the authentication cache. However
they are not "remembered" in the sense of always using the same user. You still need to specify
the user if it deviates from the user executing the cron job.


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