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From Mikael Stålhammar <>
Subject invalid status for updating properties
Date Tue, 07 Jul 2020 09:01:50 GMT
I'm having an issue with merging/releasing a feature branch to trunk, getting:

--- Recording mergeinfo for merge between repository URLs into '.':

svn: E155023: Can't set properties on 'E:\SVN\WorkingCopies\repo\trunk\folder\file.txt': invalid
status for updating properties.

The background is this:
-The "file.txt" was created on trunk a while back and has been merged into the feature branches.
-We are working on trunk and feature branches using sparse checkouts, having only the files
we need in the working copies, committing files individually. Files changed on trunk are then
merged in, file-by-file i.e. using subtree merging on file level, to a branch when needed.
I.e. the merge info property is set on the merged files.

The "file.txt" was recently deleted on a branch and the deletion has been committed. Now the
work on that branch is ready and it's about to be merged back into trunk.

The branch release process:
1. The branch is fully checked out in a working copy. Trunk is successfully merged into that
working copy and committed.
2. Trunk is fully checked out in a working copy. The branch is merged into that working copy
but then the error above occurs, saying it can't set properties on the deleted file. Why does
SVN even try to set properties on a deleted file?

In the log from the merge, before the error message mentioned above, everything looks fine,
i.e. a bunch of lines for "Updated" files and one "Deleted" file (the "file.txt").

I searched among the bugs but the only one I could find somewhat releated was this quite recent
But while the error message was related I don't think it's the issue I have.

So I'm wondering what could be the issue, something we've done wrong or a bug? Is the problem
in the SVN client or server?

(I used Tortoise/SVN 1.14.0 as client when merging. I think it's SVN 1.8.5 on the server)


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