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From Neil Sleightholm <>
Subject SVN 1.4 doesn't run on Windows 2019 core
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2020 15:17:07 GMT
Your operating system
Windows 2019 Core (Version 10.0.18363.900)

The release and/or revision of Subversion
svn, version 1.14.0 (r1876290)
compiled May 24 2020, 17:07:49 on x86-microsoft-windows

The compiler and configuration options you built Subversion with
Downloaded as part of TortoiseSVN

Any private modifications you made to your Subversion

The version of Berkeley DB you're running Subversion with, if any

Anything else that could possibly be relevant. Err on the side of too much information, rather
than too little.
When you run SVN nothing happens, no error or any other output, same goes for SVN --version.

This only happens on Windows 2019 core (i.e. no UI) my guess would be that it is linked to
an API that is not available in core. SVN versions 1.13 and earlier work ok.


Neil Sleightholm
X2 Systems Limited

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