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From Joe Strout <>
Subject looking for svn consultant to help solve setup/config problem
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2020 21:53:38 GMT
I've got a svn server running on a linux VPS.  It works, but it is often 
very very slow... like, 15 minutes to commit a 5 MB file.  Often it 
times out completely, and we have to svn cleanup and try again.

There is nothing else running on that virtual machine, and we've checked 
with the hosting company, and they claim they are not throttling our 
bandwidth.  I believe it's probably something wrong with our 
configuration.  Also we're connecting via https, because that's the 
protocol I'm most familiar with, but some other protocol might be better 
(I know the http layer brings its own limitations).  I lack the time, 
and mostly lack the background, to figure this out myself.

I'm looking to hire somebody who knows this stuff like the back of their 
hand, to spend a few hours checking our setup, maybe helping us switch 
to another protocol, and generally making svn run like the champ that I 
know it can be.

(For what it's worth, I use command-line svn on Macs, and others on the 
team are using TortoiseSVN on Windows.)

Thank you,
- Joe

Joe Strout
Luminary Apps, LLC

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