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From "Zimmerman, Curtis J. (MSFC-EV42)" <>
Subject reading wc-ng to find the checksum name of pristine file
Date Wed, 30 Dec 2020 23:51:47 GMT
I am doing a manual diff3 merge with a file in a checked out subversion repo - merging with
a file not in svn.  This is part of our gatekeeper process - a file is sent to a non-svn holding
area to merge before commit.

Here's the basic idea:

filea.cpp (orig), in a subversion 1.7 repo, it is in .svn/pristine/hexcode/checksum.svn-base
  (oldest version of the file)

filea.cpp (mine), user modified version of filea.cpp                                     
                                   (my copy - which has updates to the original)

filea.cpp (theirs), another users version of filea.cpp which is not in a subversion repo 
           (someone else's copy - also derived from the original)

to perform a manual merge, I need to have a copy of the original

diff3 -A  -m filea.cpp(mine)   filea.cpp(orig)   filea.cpp(theirs)  >    filea.cpp(merged)

In subversion 1.6, I found the path to the original file under .svn/text-base/filea.cpp.svn-base

But with version 1.7 and wc-ng, finding the pristine file is more complicated.  Do I have
to learn how to read wc-ng?  Or is there any easier way?


Curtis Zimmerman
(256) 544-6970
(256) 520-2062 Cell

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