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From tatyana irzun <>
Subject repository mirroring
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2021 21:45:04 GMT

Can you advise me the better way what to do.

We have some subversion repo (for example builds) for mostly binaries data. And the read-only
mirror this repository in different location. The mirror was created by svnsync tool. And
everything is fine until network problems happen. And then svnsync try to replicate a huge
commit and literally stuck. As I understand svnsync do something like : svnadmin dump --incremental
from sourse ; copy to destination by some protocol; svnadmin load.

For example we stuck to revision r62031 , i made dump by hands and get 43G  file (svnadmin
dump -r62031 --incremental /data/svn/builds >>r62031 ).

But if i look at this file on disk i see less size , i suppose it because of  enable-rep-sharing:

$ ls -lah /data/svn/builds/db/revs/62/


svnuser svnuser 1.3G 62031


It is substantially less that svnadmin dump gives me. And many revisions looks like that dump
revision is GBytes size but on disk revision file is only MBytes. So, the question is how
can i improve my synchronization time until network become faster. Can i manually sync (rsync,
scp or other) folders revs and revprops to get consistent data on mirror server? or svnsync
and svnadmin tools the only way to correctly mirror a Subversion repository.

Thank you.


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