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From Daniel Sahlberg <>
Subject Using IIS as a reverse proxy in front of Apache/SVN
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2021 06:18:04 GMT

We are using VisualSVN server (basically Apache 2.4.48 and Subversion
1.14.1 on Windows) on https://svn.companyname.tld, listening on port 443.
Currently this is on a separate server. I need to consolidate the servers
and would like to move Subversion to another server already running IIS
(serving multiple sites on both port 80 and 443).

My thinking is that IIS should listen for the new hostname, do SSL
offloading and forward the traffic to[some new port for Apache].
I would like to avoid publishing the new port for Apache, since that would
mean to relocate all existing working copies.

Does anyone have experience in using IIS as reverse proxy in front of

Kind regards,
Daniel Sahlberg

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