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Can you advise me the better way what to do.

We have some subversion repo (for example builds) for mostly binaries data. And the read-only mirror this repository in different location. The mirror was created by svnsync tool. And everything is fine until network problems happen. And then svnsync try to replicate a huge commit and literally stuck. As I understand svnsync do something like : svnadmin dump --incremental from sourse ; copy to destination by some protocol; svnadmin load.

Just to clarify .. svnsync does NOT use dump files to sync revisions. It essentially replays the same set of requests that the client would have made when it did the original commit. It is specifically designed so that it can handle failures and be re-run. Of course it can continually fail for the same reason. My guess is that since this is such a large transaction a timeout is happening somewhere between the svnsync (client) and your server.

I realize that does not help a lot but it does mean you might be able to tune your server or client and get it to work and sync this revision.