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From "Miko Matsumura" <>
Subject RE: Synapse site
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 21:26:37 GMT
I like it. How about something more "mascot like" like "Duke" or "Tomcat"?

	-----Original Message----- 
	From: Paul Fremantle [] 
	Sent: Fri 10/14/2005 2:21 PM 
	Subject: Re: Synapse site
	Here's the first entry into the logo competition! 
	On 10/14/05, Paul Fremantle <> wrote: 

		Lets try to have a blitz on the site.
		I will try to write a more informative description. We definitely need links to wiki and
		On 10/14/05, Eran Chinthaka <> wrote: 

			I have couple of items to raise on the not-yet-finished Synapse site.
			( )
			Sorry for asking this, whilst you people are so busy in solving 
			mediators and message context problems ;-)
			1. Shall we have a logo for Synapse ? I know we have good designers here.
			2. What is our mail archive ?
			3. I put a short description about Synapse, extracting from here : Shall we have a more
			informative one to put in the home page of Synapse ? 
			4. What else you think that should be in the site ? (Links to wiki, svn ? ) 
			I think the site is one of the main attractions and the marketing place
			for Synapse. So we better think a bit on that too.
			-- Chinthaka
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