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From ant elder <>
Subject MediatorFinder interface
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 20:54:17 GMT
In the code Paul put up he has a MediatorFinder interface:

I like this, and I have similar MediatorFactory in the prototyping i'm
doing. Its useful when creating Mediators which require more information
than just the name, eg, XSLT or E4X scripts. You can delegate to a mediator
specific factory to create the mediator instance based on context
information. But, you could probably do the same type of thing in the init
lifecycle method of a Mediator (what is the signature of that by the way?).

What do peope think, is it worth formalizing an interface for this along the
lines of:

interface MediatorFactory
Mediator createMediator(MediatorDescription md);


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